Fertility Clinic Tokyo


10/10更新【重要】新型コロナウイルス感染症に関するお知らせ Important Notices about new coronavirus infection





























[To prevent infection in the clinic, please refrain from visiting the clinic in the following cases.]

・If you have a fever above 37 degrees.

・If you have a new coronavirus positive person in your family,

Or who may have contacted the positive person.(Regardless of your symptoms)

・If you have traveled abroad within the past month.(please call us)

・Please refrain from visiting clinic with your husband, children, parents and friends for a while

(Men can visit only the husband's blood test for infectious diseases

・If your husband needs a direct explanation from a doctor, please call us.

・For a while, the sperm collection room is not available and only brought in.


[For patients visiting]

・Please wear a mask inside the clinic .(Handmade masks available)

 If you do not have it, please purchase it.

・After coming to the clinic, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

・In the waiting room, please sit with a space next to one seat.

・Windows may be opened in the waiting room for ventilation.

・Towels used in the clinic have been abolished to prevent infection.

Please wear a skirt when consulting.



・Husband's attendance at the time of embryo transfer is also prohibited after March16th .


The contents here are subject to change depending on the future situation.

Please check repeatedly.